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6 Budgeting Tips During Travelling

1. Be financially responsible

Managing money is a very useful skill that applies to every aspect of life, including travelling. Before you travel is the perfect time to learn the basics of managing money. For example getting rid of bad habits that cost, learning how to save money, limiting your expense per day, and using credit card wisely.

2. Make an ideal budgeting list

Making an ideal budgeting list is one of the crucial tips before and during travelling. In doing this, it is also important to match your expectation and financial condition.

Make a list of both fee and estimated fee of the destination's places, transportation ticket, accommodation fee, unexpected expenses, and everything relevant to your travelling. After making the lists, it is advisable to know useful travelling tips to have a more enjoyable trip.

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3. Keep money in several safe spots

Another useful tip is putting cash and credit card (and other payment methods if available) in several safe spots, preferably 2 different places. This should be done to avoid unwanted incidents, such as missing your wallet.

For instance, if you lost your wallet full of your whole cash and credit card, then it would be very difficult to find the solution, in comparison to having those placed in 2 or 3 different spots.

4. Pay attention to your expenses

After making an ideal budget, it is a wise move to pay attention to your expenses, particularly during the end of the trip. By reviewing all expenses, including little things like groceries and accommodation expenses, you will know whether your real expenses match to your ideal budgeting list. Even small expenses matter, and by reviewing your expenses, you will know how you use money.

5. Search information about exchange rate

For those who plan to travel internationally, knowing all about exchange rate is a useful skill to save money. To optimise budgeting, it is better to have valid currency in your chosen country compared to your homeland one, because there are possibilities that your homeland currency cannot be used in chosen country. Although there are exceptions like Euro being accepted in Qatar.

When exchanging money, pay attention to exchange rate, commissions, and of course useful tips on how to exchange money , because sometimes the rates may rise according to real-time exchange rate, and every money changer has different exchange rate.

6. Contact bank and credit card company about travelling itinerary

About a week prior the departure, contacting bank and credit card company about travelling itinerary should be done. Luckily this can be done by directly contacting bank and doing it online.

This needs to be done in case the credit card cannot be used in the different country, as a protection if your credit card is used by another person.

Membawa kartu debit & kartu kredit (Visa, Mastercard) juga disarankan, karena ada kemungkinan di beberapa ATM kartu debit tidak bisa digunakan. Selain itu hubungi bank untuk menaikkan saldo kartu kredit bila berencana travelling ke luar negeri, dan jangan lupa untuk menurunkannya kembali untuk mengatur pengeluaran pemakaian di Indonesia.

Travelling should be enjoyable, and by doing proper budgeting, unwanted things might be avoided, such as overpaid credit card.

By doing the tips above, then you should not worry about your travelling. Take your time to know your priority scale during budgeting, and if everything is under control, you will enjoy your trip more.

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