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7 Facts of Louvre Museum in Paris

There are other famous paintings aside from Monalisa

Last Supper

Even though Monalisa is the most popular painting, there are other influential and interesting paintings. Some examples are a painting called the Last Supper, which depicts Jesus and his apostles, and Liberty Leading the People, which depicts the French Revolution. Both of them are also painted by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Liberty Leading the People, also known as the French Revolution

Interesting fact: For those who are familiar with Coldplay's music, Liberty Leading the People are used as their cover album called Viva La Vida!

6. There are 2 Louvre Museums

Of all the whole history of Louvre Museum's inauguration, this museum was located only in Paris. But since 2017, both French and Emirati government agreed to build a second Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi.

Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi is known as the biggest museum in Arabic peninsula, and annually it attracts 1 million visitors since its inauguration.

7. Louvre Museum was used for other purposes

Yes! This fortress-like building inaugurated in 18th century was once used for other purposes apart aside from museum. Before its inauguration, it was used as both hotel and fortress commonly used by French government.

It was once used as Napoleon Bonaparte's residence, and the German soldiers once used it as a bunker during the World War 2, exactly like the Eiffel Tower

Louvre Museum is one of the wold-class museums that offers unforgettable experiences. Wherever you go, it is advisable to know effective travelling tips so that everything will go as planned.

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Itu aja mas. Makasih telah bebagi. Moga jadi amalan baik mas Rama. Keep Writing.

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